When to place or update your order

Cut off times

The order cut off time is the time by which all orders must be finalised. Its usually midnight the night before your delivery day. (Some remote or country areas may be different)


Changes to your order

If you need to pause, cancel or modify your order you can also do this any time before the cut off time. Once the cut off time has passed your order is immediately scheduled for delivery as we start planning delivery runs and sourcing fruit and veggies from our suppliers in the early hours of the morning.


Ordering in advance

If you're really organised and want to get you order in even though your desired delivery day is more than a week away, place your order just like usual, but include your required delivery date in the message box provided.


Choosing your order frequency

How to set your frequency

When you first register you're given the option to set your frequency. You can also change this at any time after registering by logging in to the website and adjusting the setting in 'MY ACCOUNT'


Recurring Orders 'Weekly' / 'Fortnightly'

If your account is set to a recurring status you don't need to physically place an order every week/fortnight. Orders will be dispatched automatically at your requested frequency.
You can also pause your recurring order by notifiying us of your stop and restart dates.
Before each delivery day we send out a reminder SMS. After you receive this (or any time before delivery day) you can either update and change your order on the website, you can pause it or you can leave it unchanged.


On Demand

If your account is set to 'On Demand' you'll need to visit the website and place a new order everytime you want your delivery.


South East SA residents please note:

Your frequency must be set to either 'weekly' or 'fortnightly' which enables us to manage available space on the run.

Deciding your ordering style

Custom Order

With a Custom Order you choose exactly the items you need from a huge selection of farmer and market direct Australian produce. 
This will suit you if you know exactly what supplies you need in the kitchen each week. Especially handy if you plan out all your meals for the week in advance.


Seasonal Kits - Couples / Standard / Family

With seasonal kits you can quickly make up an order that's both packed with value and devourably fresh! We only fill our seasonal kits with items that are in-season and we know will drive you budget further.
This ordering style will also suit you if you like trying different foods and don't mind the occasional challenge in the kitchen - Or you just can't be bothered having to create a specific order each week.
If you combine a seasonal kit style order with a Recurring frequency, you'll be able to receive a varied box week to week without needing to visit the website and change your order.


A bit of both

The third option is to still choose a Seasonal kit style order, (that is either a Couples, Standard, or Family box) and then add specific items in on top of the seasonal kits.
For example: You may really like the sound of the Seasonal Kits but you definitely need some herbs and some other veggies that weren't in the seasonal kits this week. That's when you'd go this way.