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How to order:

Please see our 'How to order' page.

Payment Options

By default all new accounts must be paid by credit card. We do not proccess your card in real time online. This is partly because fruit and veg is always unpredicable in its supply, and things ordered may need to be dropped off your order.

We do recognise though, that not everyone is able to pay this way and we are flexible on payment method. To setup an alternative payment method please contact us. Please note orders cannot be delivered without payment.



Please see our Delivery page.


Is it local?

If you're looking for local you've come to the right place, it's our specialty. We have a comprehensive range of SA grown (and made) products. If it's not grown in SA or it's in short supply or out of season, we always source Australian grown. We also make it really easy to see and choose where it's from on our website with our in built product filters. Only want SA produce? Only shop for SA. Only want Australian? Only shop for Australian.

The only time we supply something that is grown overseas is when a) It is unavailable locally and b) Our customers reasonably expect we carry the item. This is usually limited to only 2 or 3 items such as Baby Corn which is not commercially grown in Australia due to the labour intensive processes involved, Kiwi fruit due to the short Australian season and Asparagus, only when Australian grown is out of season. Of course country of origin on these items are clearly marked in our store.



This is the fruit en route 200% fresh food guarantee: In the event that something slips through our stringent QC and you're not completely satisfied with the quality of the product, we will both replace the item and credit the value of the item to your account. Our 200% fresh food guarantee is built on: Our recognition that you are placing your trust in us to deliver & our commitment to making our service suit your needs.


Each or Kilogram?

Fruit and veg is traditionally sold in either weight or each units, depending on the item. Typically items that are uniform in size will have unit pricing for example avocados, bunch lines or packaged items. Produce which often varies in size such as bananas or broccoli are more likely to have weight pricing. For the latter we sell in both unit and weight pricing to assist you in working out your requirements.

You will find that some lines which are traditionally weight pricing will have unit pricing in our store. In particular fruit lines such as apples and citrus, which these days are graded perfectly to a uniform size. The unit pricing along with the uniform grading of these lines ensures you get what you pay for.


Special requests

Need something that's not listed on our website? Maybe you want a box of juicing fruit, some banana leaves or a special herb. If it's available we'll do our best to get it for you. Just add your request when placing your order in the feedback box.

Have a specific requirement for your order? Like bananas half colour half green? Just add your request in the feedback box. (By the way we actually try to give all orders half colour half green bananas) 


Recurring orders

If you head to "My Account" (you must be logged in) and change your recurring setting to either "weekly" or "fortnightly" we will automatically deliver your saved order at the selected frequency.

Need to make a change to your recurring order? Just head to our website and create an order like usual. This will update your saved order.

Need to pause your recurring order? Just send us an email at before your order cut off time and let us know how many weeks to skip, or when you'd like to restart.


Can I order fruit boxes for our office?

Yes. The easiest way to do this is to select one of our standard boxes and let us fill it with the best in season fruit available. When getting started just let us know that you want your box to be fruit only. This way you can make your order recurring and set and forget. If you'd like to have more control of what turns up in your fruit box you can do this too with a "Custom Box." To compliment the office fruit box we offer a Monday morning delivery to the CBD so you can have your fresh fruit at the start of the week.


Do I have to be home?

Not at all. We believe if you had to wait at home for your delivery it would defeat the purpose. Leaving your fresh food shopping up to us should give you extra freedom and put spare time back into your schedule. If you're working during the day now you don't have to go shopping in the evening. If you're not working, go get out of the house and have some fun while we work to deliver top notch fruit and veg to your door.

Orders are packed and delivered in recyclable polystyrene broccoli boxes, which keep the contents chilled for hours. When placing your order leave us a note in the "Delivery instructions" box on where to leave your order. A shady spot is good.


Can I edit or make changes to my order?

Yes, you can make adjustments to your order as long as it is finalised before order cut off times.

Please note correct method for updating order.

To ammend: Resubmit your entire order with the new ammendments or additions. This will override your previous order.

Warning! If you try to submit a 2nd order with only your additional items this will erase the original order. Make sure the last order you submit contains all your items.



For wholesale enquiries please get in touch with us.



Our mission is to provide a reliable, full product listing of available local fruit and veg lines. Although certified organic produce occasionally come through the market and through our own supply, we do not currently have a dedicated organic list. However we'd be happy to chat regarding your organics requirements. Drop us a line